Our candidate will have the understanding to explore all marketing channels available to them to broaden the awareness of the conference or event produced by the Axiom Groupe production department; investing in direct marketing, digital marketing, social media and onsite marketing opportunities. He will be responsible for creating the best branding around each conference produced, targeting specific markets and targeted audience, selecting the key partners to deploy internationally the Axiom Groupe brand.

Facilitate development of internal database by managing marketing assistant and selection of lists to be researched

  • Production and selection of lists to assist in speaker acquisition
  • Creation of integrated marketing campaigns using; direct mail, Internet marketing, email campaigns, web links, and advertising.
  • Negotiation of marketing partnerships as appropriate for each event
  • Developing and maintaining strategic partnerships with media, associations and other market players within the market sector
  • Creation of press releases for distribution to select media
  • In-house and external data search and profiling of available lists, list segmentation and list use determination
  • Control, management, analysis and feedback on all aspects of each marketing campaign
  • Production of reports communicating the marketing results for each conference


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