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Axiom Groupe structures and designs practical trainings directly linked to your organization. A leading expert will share his knowledge to give quick and effective ways to implement it.

These intense courses are offered to gain an added value knowledge in the competitive market for executives who which to enhance their skills, and learn new tools and techniques across sectors.

Training and Education – Over the last two years, specific opportunities for the education and training at events have become increasingly important to participants. Research results shows a shift by event planners towards events with a strong educational aspect with 71% reporting that educational opportunities are becoming at least somewhat or more important to their attendees than a year ago. These results have been supported by the Axiom Groupe own research results in which directors of leading pan-European corporations have stated their desire for more educational opportunities within the conference framework.

    Workshop by: Curium Pharma
    Using processes and CI to create business value for FSSC How we created value for Curium in our SSC by
    • Streamline processes
    • Integrate systems in the financial processes
    • CI initiatives to optimise service quality
    Helle Juhl McDermott
    Vice President SSC & Site-Leader

    Workshop by: AIG
    Optimizing service quality in GBS
    • Operation agility is a key for success
    • Leveraging a global footprint
    • Global process ownership drives better E2E performance
    • Intelligent Automation on the Horizon Geraud de Rudelle
    EMEA FINANCE Business Operations

    FINANCE 4.0 2019
    Workshop by: Schneider Electric
    Optimizing service quality in GBS CFOs and the future of finance talent
    • Create a cross-functional team from data visualization to flexible thinking, as finance responsibilities continue to stretch.
    • Forecast the future of finance and drive action out of data-driven insights
    • Attract people with business minded and analyticals skills
    Stephane Suveg Vice President Finance & Controlling

  • Workshop by: Google
    • What’s the technology ecosystem?
    • Understanding the programmatic Value Proposition
    • Learning the key trends within programmatic today
    • Viewing the most common challenges that the industry is facing
    • What are Audience Signals?
    Francesca Mastrogiacomi

    Workshop by: Air Liquide
    • WCR management evolution in the digital age
    • Fintech effects on WCR management
    • Smart management of account receivables
    • Inventory/stock optimisation
    Air Liquide

    Workshop: What is Mindfulness?
    • Benefits of Mindfulness and scientific proof
    • How can you integrate mindfulness into your life
    • Practice, Demo and Exercises
    • Is it possible to manage all that stress that paralyse us, not to think for a second and just feel?
    • Is it possible to manage thoughts and emotions
    Erhan Ali Yilmez
    Mindful Academy

    Workshop by: Vestas
    90 min thought provoking workshop, including an interactive role-play with delegates.
    • Practice behaviour observations
    • Develop a generic observation card for your business
    • 1 minute coaching interventi ons (show you care)

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