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Enhesa Implementing a Compliance Program

Enhesa Implementing a Compliance Program


You’ve pulled it together, now it’s time to put it in place. After the significant amount of time and resources you and your team have put into developing an organization-wide compliance program an important step lies ahead. Even the most stellar plan still faces another challenge: Rolling out and implementing the compliance program. Often, the end-result of any plan depends on how it starts. To effectively monitor and manage compliance, a business must thoughtfully adopt and apply its program organization-wide. Below we outline 5 best practices to achieve in your program rollout,
including the importance of commitment, collaboration, and keeping track of progress.

1. Lay the foundation with leadership commitment & support.
A compliance program will only be as strong as its level of support. The most effective plan will need leadership (including the program managers) to commit to it, especially if it intends to encompass the whole spectrum of EHS needs.
Their support offers two crucial benefits:
• Setting the right tone for integrating the compliance program into business operations.
• Engaging employees in the process early on.
For a multi-national corporation, it’s particularly challenging to implement a compliance program across its entire global presence. Setting an affirmative and unambiguous tone from the top down helps employees understand the objectives and manage expectations from rollout to desired results. Locking in leadership support also helps build up a transparent foundation for the compliance program and ensure employees buy-in. Leadership should clearly communicate the overall plan to all players, explaining both the corporate-wide goals as well as what resources and professional training will be made available to employees to help achieve them. It can also be important to keep a channel of communication available for players to share constant updates and feedback with leadership.

For the next steps on how to implement your best compliance program, download the eBook!


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