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Enhesa Your Compliance Partner

Enhesa Your Compliance Partner 

Enhancing your compliance management doesn’t have to mean expensive price tags or exhausted teams. At Enhesa, we provide centralized, standardized solutions to stay on top of evolving environmental and health and safety (EHS) requirements and stay ahead of the competition.

Compliance keeps changing - and the challenge keeps increasing.

With EHS regulations increasing worldwide, maintaining seamless compliance requires non-stop monitoring. Our comprehensive regulatory outlook keeps you up to date on what’s changing across the globe, all in one glance.

Minimize your risk while maximizing your resources.

Partnering with Enhesa not only cuts through the maze of mounting regulations, it can also cut down the time and money you spend on your compliance management - even in the first year.

Compliance takes more than tracking regulations.

Staying compliant in a multi- national organization requires a multi-level approach. With Enhesa, you can manage the full scope of compliance with both site-specific precision and company-wide perspective.

Global outlook

Avoid fines and damaging violations.

Safeguard your reputation and stand out in your industry.

Lead in your markets through universal standards.

Corporate oversight

Be confident in your company’s compliance.

Compare progress and identify trends in your corporation.

Ensure consistency and collaboration across teams.

Local insight

Increase buy in and build awareness in each site. See upcoming obligations for every location.

Overcome communication barriers.

Who are we

Enhesa is your regulatory intelligence partner

- empowering multi-national corporations to build a better world through better business compliance. We help our clients be true and trustworthy contributing members of society with comprehensive EHS compliance content for their entire business.

A global mindset for global EHS management

Our industry-leading approach to centralized, standardized global EHS compliance enables companies to establish common ground across their entire global business – ensuring site-to-site consistency and collaboration.

A leader trusted by leading corporations worldwide

Over the past 25 years, we’ve built an extensive knowledgebase of EHS regulatory intelligence and expertise to provide actionable compliance guidance to multi-national businesses like yours.

Who we serve

What we do

Our global team of legal experts assists you in identifying, understanding and meeting EHS requirements everywhere you operate to mitigate real-world risks – from lapsing certifications to the loss of life.

Whether the objective is onboarding new processes or ongoing EHS compliance, our regulatory intelligence services and support help organizations:

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